EUROLIFE provides its services in five European countries beginning in 1999. 

EUROLIFE Ukraine and Bulgaria were founded in 1999 and started their successful activities in 2000.

Since the beginning EUROLIFE Ukraine has proved to be the leader in our business, more than 260.000 clients trusted in the service of EUROLIFE Ukraine and their insurance partners.

EUROLIFE Bulgaria as well is the leader in our business, with more than 65.000 clients trusting in the service of EUROLIFE Bulgaria and their insurance partners.

In 2004 EUROLIFE Moldova was founded and developed to the biggest life insurance broker company in Moldova. More than 40.000 clients trust in the service of EUROLIFE Moldova and its insurance partner.

The youngest member in EUROLIFE Group are the companies in Latvia and Lithuania. Founded in 2005 EUROLIFE soon became market leader in our business, having more than 25.000 clients trusting in our services.

In total EUROLIFE Group intermediated more than 380.000 life insurance policies since starting in 1999, thereby becoming a main leader in our region and our industry.